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    John Harding Dey, ASID Interiors

    Importance of Project Management


    Perhaps the most significant aspect of a successful project is the level and success of the communications between all involved parties. Accountability and Professionalism.

    Project Planning

    This aspect of project management entails the actual design of the project, whether in conjunction with other designers, engineers, and or architects. I have over 30 years of experience in project planning, from initial cost studies and budgeting, through the material selection stages, and managing subcontractors. I can define, refine and lead the project from the initial conception through to final completion.

    Record Keeping and Project Cost Management

    Keeping a project ledger is a key factor in the success of a project. From initial bids, material costs, on through maintaining adherence to budgeted expenses. In remodeling projects of course there can be unanticipated costs, and change orders. I provide onsite decision making to ensure the right decisions are made and costs are contained. An allowance for change orders and unforeseen expenses is budgeted from the beginning so that the correct decisions related to costs can be made without undue pressures which could threaten the successful outcome of the project.

    Risk Management

    Risk factors are mitigated through the use of qualified subcontractors, clearly defined scopes, work schedules, and contracts, successful communication in construction and specification documents, and timely dissemination of information to all parties involved in the project. It has been noted that approx.. 20% of all furnishings are received are damaged, or require further attention before being delivered to the end user. My resources and delivery process are carefully monitored to assure your best interests.

    Quality Assurance

    With over thirty years of satisfied clients this has been a priority. As a Designer, my resources are of critical importance. Resources are cultivated over time to be a part of my “team” to satisfy your needs. Understanding the acceptable criteria of the workmanship and materials is a critical part of the actual work. John’s understanding of the standards of residential and commercial projects helps to maintain the ongoing integrity of the project, while maintaining that building codes and safety regulations are adhered to.

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