John Harding Dey, ASID Interiors

Remodeling and New Construction

The process can be difficult and stressful if you are uncertain of what you want the outcome to be. Early planning can relieve much of the stress and greatly aid in the process of defining the project, which in turn directly relates to the costs of the project, and the final outcome and success.

Remodeling and/or New Construction can be an exciting and very gratifying process when the proper professionals are working together to ensure successful results. The best teams for new construction typically include an Architect, Builder, and an Interior Designer. If the project is primarily a remodel an Architect may not be necessary. On a recent project I provided plans for and extensive remodel and addition that cascaded down a hillside lot. I was involved in all planning, selecting the builder, and I retained an architect (for the structural details only) that required a stamp for permits. This was a highly successful project with a client of over thirty years that trusted in my abilities. I would recommend an architect for larger or more involved projects.

For remodels of Kitchens or Baths, or a room addition I can provide all the services necessary for permitting and construction.

For many projects a project book is provided to the key stakeholders involved. It is best for decisions to be made months ahead of the ordering process. This project book retains all pertinent information on materials, finishes, and main elements of the project and includes a construction schedule. When selections are made prior to the building process the builder can provide much more accurate estimates and the need for allowances is greatly diminished. Job costs are reflected more realistically, and the ordering of fixtures, furnishings and equipment runs smoothly. I will accompany you in making selections and help guide you through the decision making process.

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